As the coronavirus' delta variant recedes and new U.S. COVID-19 cases decline by more than a third, it is possible to imagine—at least in the United States—a more normal future beyond the pandemic. Vaccine resistance and the politicization of public health remain serious problems, and failure to prioritize and accomplish rapid, global vaccination will ensure a resurgence of the pandemic. But vaccines offer the possibility of transitioning to a world where the virus is no longer a grave threat. What steps need to be taken at home and abroad to fully overcome the destructive impact of the pandemic globally? 

Join us for a special episode featuring Dr. Leana Wen in conversation with Aaron David Miller to discuss the state of the coronavirus in America and the world and what measures need to be taken to end a pandemic that has claimed more than 4.8 million lives, including over 700,000 in the United States, and infected at least 237 million worldwide.