“We’re witnessing a phase in the Arab world where delivery—performance if you will—is starting to trump ideology,” said Carnegie’s Marwan Muasher on the Kathleen Dunn Show. “In other words, whether secular forces or religious forces adopt a purely ideological stance without an accompanying socioeconomic program to deal with people’s problems, these [forces] will pay the price.”

Education, Muasher argued, is one of the key areas for any country undergoing transition. If the Arab world aims to establish diverse and democratic societies that tolerates other points of views, then the educational system must be revisited, he said. Reform is a home-grown process that needs to evolve over time, Muasher contended. And while the international community can help on the margins to help the process, in the end, it will need to grow from the inside.

This interview was originally aired on the Kathleen Dunn Show.