Togzhan Kassenova
Kassenova is a nonresident fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment.
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Kazakhstan’s role in the global nuclear order is far from minor. Blessed with abundant uranium resources, it is the world’s largest uranium producer. Kazakhstan’s nuclear sector made a major comeback after facing collapse in the early 1990s when the Soviet Union disintegrated. The state-owned company Kazatomprom has been gradually pursuing an advanced nuclear fuel cycle, including the capacity to produce nuclear fuel. Further, Kazakhstan is the only country in Central Asia that has made a firm commitment to developing nuclear energy.

On the international scene, Kazakhstan’s nuclear diplomacy is rather ambitious as well. The country hosted Iranian nuclear talks in 2013 and will host the international nuclear fuel bank expected to be launched in 2015. These are just a couple of recent examples that confirm that Kazakhstan is seeking a greater role for itself in global nuclear politics....

Read the full text of this article, originally published in Central Asian Affairs, BRILL, volume 1, 2014.