Michael D. Swaine
Swaine is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and one of the most prominent American analysts in Chinese security studies.
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Swaine argues that the United States will look at the ruling as a legal judgment that has been made and one that the parties involved should respect and uphold. The United States supports the legal proceedings, but does not regard it as a panecea. For the U.S., the ruling provides a basis in international law of what a lot of these features are and what this means for the various governments invovled. At the same time, both sides have left the door open for bilateral negotiations. Filipino president-elect Duterte has in fact given a greater indication of willingness to talk with China. Swaine argues that it would be wise if Duterte took the Hague's decision as an opportunity to not be more assertive but in making an initiative to try to resume negotiations with the Chinese.