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OCTOBER 25More than 10,000 security agents in the state-run oil and gas Sontrach Corporation are on strike across Algeria to protest working and living conditions. | El-Khabar


OCTOBER 24Bahraini police and anti-government protesters clashed in a Shiite village outside the capital Manama overnight leaving at least two people wounded, the police said on Wednesday. | AFP


OCTOBER 25An Egyptian security forces raid has resulted in the death of one Libyan terrorist, Karim Ahmed Essam el-Azizi, suspected of involvement in last month’s Benghazi consulate attack, and the detainment of four Egyptian militants with suspected ties to al-Qaeda in the restive district of Nasr City, Cairo. Police say that they found fifteen bombs and various weapons in his rented apartment; el-Azizi was killed by a bomb he tried to use against police. | Reuters


OCTOBER 24Iran will suspend all oil exports, pushing global crude prices higher, if the U.S. and Europe tighten sanctions further on the OPEC member’s economy, Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi warned. | Bloomberg


OCTOBER 25Efforts by Iraq’s premier to court disbanded army officers from Sunni areas of the country can help boost security and support for the Shiite leader ahead of upcoming elections, analysts and observers say. | AFP


OCTOBER 25The number of Syrians fleeing to Jordan is plummeting in the face of what activists describe as the regime’s renewed attempts to tighten its hold over the border region. | Jordan Times


OCTOBER 24Kuwait risks sliding into Arab Spring-style protests over a forthcoming election that has polarized opinion in the Gulf Arab state and posed an unprecedented challenge to the authority of the once revered emir, a close Western ally. | Reuters


OCTOBER 25—On Wednesday the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon rejected defense motions challenging the court’s legality and jurisdiction. | Daily Star


OCTOBER 24— Libyan pro-government forces on Wednesday seized control of Bani Walid, one of the last bastions of Moamer Qadhafi’s ousted regime, an AFP correspondent in the town said. | Daily Star; Al-Manara Link


OCTOBER 25Morocco’s Finance Minister Nizar Baraka introduced a 2013 budget that set spending at $34.7 billion and targeted a deficit of about 5 percent, as his government looks to stave off unrest that has rocked other Arab nations.| Bloomberg


OCTOBER 25—Palestinian militants held fire overnight Thursday and Israel refrained from air strikes as an informal truce brokered by Egypt appeared to take hold following two days of violence along the Israel-Gaza border. | Reuters

Saudi Arabia

OCTOBER 23Mujtahid, an anonymous Twitter user from Saudi Arabia, is causing trouble for the kingdom by highlighting corruption and working for reform. He has been called a “slanderer” by authorities, but is getting more popular by the month. | Business Insider


OCTOBER 25The Sudanese government has blamed an Israeli airstrike for the explosion of a military factory in the capital Khartoum, warning that it reserves the right to respond. Tel Aviv has not responded to the charge. | Sudan Tribune


OCTOBER 25There has been fresh violence in several Syrian cities, opposition activists say, just hours before the Syrian government was due to announce a final decision on an Eid al-Adha ceasefire proposed by Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN and Arab League envoy. | Al Jazeera


OCTOBER 25On Wednesday a Tunisian court sentenced the leader of radical Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia, Abu Ayub, to one year in prison for inciting an attack on the U.S. embassy in Tunis last month in which four people were killed. | Reuters


OCTOBER 25The U.S. Armed Forces recently sent soldiers to Turkey amid incidents on the border with Syria. The soldiers deployed in Turkey have been sharing intelligence, U.S. Army Europe Commander Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling said. | Hurriyet


OCTOBER 24A local human rights group on Tuesday called on the United Arab Emirates authorities to speed up trials of Islamists detained over alleged threats to state security but dismissed concerns of possible torture and abuse raised by some families and activists. | Reuters


OCTOBER 25—Yemen has denied media reports that Turkey requested to establish a training camp for the Free Syrian Army in the country, the Al-Shara'a newspaper reported. | Yemen Post