CONTACT: Jennifer Linker, 202/939-2372,
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs are pleased to announce that Frederic Grare will join the Endowment for two years as a Visiting Scholar.
“We are thrilled to add Frederic to our South Asia team,” Carnegie Endowment President Jessica T. Mathews said.  “He brings on-the-ground experience, practical as well as scholarly knowledge, and he’s an accomplished writer.  The dominant perception is that the future of Pakistan is highly uncertain, and we are eager to facilitate cooperation between the U.S. and European approaches to it.”
At Carnegie, Grare will focus on the tension between stability and democratization in Pakistan, including challenges of sectarian conflict, Islamist political mobilization, and educational reform.  With Ashley J. Tellis and George Perkovich, he will lead a project assessing U.S. and European policies toward Pakistan and, where appropriate, recommending alternatives. 
Grare also will facilitate interactions between U.S. experts and officials and European counterparts on the main policy challenges in South Asia.  Carnegie and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognize that the U.S., France, and several other European states share interests and governmental commitments in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Southwest Asia more broadly, but lack matching engagement among their expert communities. 
Grare is a leading expert and writer on South Asia, having served most recently in the French Embassy in Pakistan and, from 1999 to 2003 in New Delhi as director of the Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities.  Grare has written extensively on security issues, Islamist movements, and sectarian conflict in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  He also has edited the volume, India, China, Russia: Intricacies of an Asian Triangle.