Major problems are delaying progress in the otherwise successful collaboration between the United States and Russia to prevent the theft of poorly-secured weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and related materials, technologies and expertise in the former Soviet Union. The inability or refusal of the governments to correct these problems threatens to leave vast stockpiles of nuclear and chemical weapons and biological agents vulnerable to acquisition by terrorists, rogue states and black marketeers. This study contains an updated assessment of the current risks posed by the Russian nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and ballistic missile sectors as well as progress made in addressing these dangers. It is the product of a ten-month review of U.S.-Russian threat reduction activities by prominent U.S., Russian, and European non-proliferation experts.

Also published by Carnegie, Deadly Arsenals: Tracking Weapons of Mass Destruction provides the most comprehensive assessment available on WMD, and charts the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and missile delivery systems.