In his chapter in The Okinawa Question and the U.S.-Japan Alliance, Michael Swaine examines the broad context of U.S.-China relations, highlighting both the current strengthened foundation for cooperation that exists between the two countries and the continued presence of factors that could produce confrontation and even conflict in the future. In the latter area, the Taiwan problem is especially significant and thus receives particular attention. Dr. Swaine then examines in some detail the specific implications of the preceding analysis for Okinawa, focusing in particular on the potential Chinese threat to the island resulting from the presence of U.S. forces. The final section of the chapter discusses the options available to Okinawa to reduce the potential dangers to which it is exposed by its association with the U.S.-China relationship.

The Okinawa Question and the U.S.-Japan Alliance is available to order from the Sigur Center for Asian Studies at George Washington University.