In a complex, changing, and increasingly contested world, the Carnegie Endowment generates strategic ideas and independent analysis, supports diplomacy, and trains the next generation of international scholar-practitioners to help countries and institutions take on the most difficult global problems and safeguard peace.

Our Global Network

We are more than 150 thinkers and doers from diverse disciplines and perspectives spread across more than twenty countries working together as one network to advance international peace.

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Our Priorities


Decisionmakers are thirsty for insight rooted in precisely the kind of fine-grained understanding of local contexts and perspectives for which Carnegie is renowned. With on-the-ground expertise in key regions, Carnegie provides sophisticated analyses of the societal, economic, security, and political forces fueling competition and conflict and brings its global network together to pave pathways to conflict mitigation and resolution.


Post–Cold War assumptions about democracy’s progress have been upended. Democracies and non-democracies alike are struggling to meet the expectations of their citizens, providing an opening for both benign and malign ideas and approaches to governance and international assistance to be tested. Together with governments and civil society around the globe, Carnegie works to update and strengthen state-society compacts and strategies for international engagement.

Geoeconomics and Strategy

In an increasingly competitive world defined by rising inequality, states and corporations alike are thinking anew about how to advance their economic interests, with enormous ramifications for domestic politics as well as the stability of trade, financial markets, regulatory bodies, and other elements of today’s global economic order. Carnegie’s mix of world-class economists and strategists are helping executives from situation rooms to board rooms navigate the critical intersection of economics and national security.

Technology and International Affairs

The pace of technological innovation is reshaping every aspect of life—and every aspect of international affairs. Carnegie’s interdisciplinary expertise, proven experience in developing international norms, and presence in regions at the forefront of technological innovation mean it is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between innovation and policy in four critical areas: nuclear, cyber, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology.

Investing in the Next Generation

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